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Hello everyone,

as you can tell my name is Marina Kristensen. I am located in Germany, near Frankfurt.

I am all about creating Vegan, Gluten Free, Natural, Real Food Based, Sustainable, Low Waste Photography for you and

your brand! Fancy, right?!

Now you may think "why then is she writing in english?". The simple reason is that I work with many brands from english

speaking countries - from candles to body care over chocoalte and tea.

Keeping my page maninly in English simplyfies my work. Still, some parts are specificly written in German, as these offers are

only available for my German clients. However, here is a bit(e) more about me:

I originally come from art; being entusiastic about drawing, writing, music and creating with the power of my imagination. But

also I am a real Nerd - Physics, Comic Books and Manga are a huge and important part of my life.

Thanks to my mother, who mostly cooked by herself, which I am so very grateful for because I was born at the times where

fast food and premade convenience meals were at a peak, I started cooking and baking as soon as I was able to hold a spoon.

Developing my own recipes was an other way to express my art. Moreover I was interested in where the products acutally come

from and how they were made (grow, harvest, production processes...)

To cut a long story short I unconciously became almost vegan, challanged myself to try how it would be without all animal products (only milk and bee products where left in my diet) and kept it gratefully. Then a glutensensitivity was discovered. These circumstances happened  in times when veganism and gluten free alternatives were very rare. Lucky me that I never really looked for alternatives, as I grew up with real food and was not depending on premade meals etc. if that makes sense

And here I am - Vegan, Gluten Free, Real Whole Food Creations paired with an Artistical Mind.

If this resonates with you, feel free to contact me. I am excited about hearing from you!

° Peace °

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