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Raw Pumpkin Bliss Balls

Hallo my dear food lover,

Halloween is over but pumpkin season is still on and this is why I have an easy Pumpkin recipe for you.

You can find more vegan and gluten free, raw and cooked pumpkin recipes on my YouTube channel, would love to see you there.

And now to the Bliss Balls.


140g raw, finely chopped Hokkaido Pumpkin

90g (activated and dried) Almonds

40g Coconut Flakes/ shredded Coconut

1/2 tsp Vanilla Bean Powder

2 tbsp (18g) Coconut Flour

20 - 30g Agaven Syrup

2 tsp Almond Protein or 2 tsp more of the Coconut Flour

- blend everything except for the agaven syrup in a high speed blender or food pocessor, you can leave some thicker chunks or blend until super fine

- you may have to stirr in between

- make sure the pieces of the mixture are a bit thicker can you want them, because you will blend again

- add syrup and blend again

- store in an air tight container for up to a week

Love, Marina

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