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Raw Nutty Protein Bars

I love making bars at home or bliss balls/ date balls. They are so easy to make and not only much more inexpensive than store bought ones, you also can decide what you want and how much you want of something.

These bars contain about 20% of Protein and when you use pumpkin seeds instead of sunflower seeds you have 22% of Protein (I calculated it with the brands I used).


50g Almonds

40g Sunflower/ Pumpkin Seeds

20g Tigernuts

12g Rice Protein

12g Cacao Powder

65g dried Figs (use the most soft ones in the bag)

How to:

Blend everything except for the figs in a high speed blender or food processor until it gets sticky and some of the mixture turnes a little into nut butter. To keep the mixture raw, make sure so stop the blender now and then and let it cool down. (also stirr inbetween)

Now stirr again and throw the figs in. Blend again until the figs are fully combined and now press it into bars or roll it into balls.


For a simpler version use nut or seed butter instead of one of the nut/ seed inrgedients.

You can sprout the seeds and or activate the almonds, just make sure everything is dry when you blend the mixture.

You can use any dried fruits you like.

Add spices for more variations.



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*used brands: Govinda, Alnatura, Joy Foods

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