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Green Vegg Nog Smoothie & Suprise

Hello dear people,

to-day I have a vegan egg nog as a smoothie and if you watch the video down below you can find an other winter smoothie, a spiced pumkin smoothie.

And here is the simple recipe:


2 + 1/2 Bananas, with peel (watch my first less waste video*) 2 tsp Flax Seeds 2cm Vanilla Bean with seeds/ 3cm-4cm Vanilla Bean without seeds/ 1/4 tsp Vanilla Bean Powder 1/2 tsp Maca 50g-70g Spinach (frozen, fresh or powder - 1g powder is about 10g fresh spinach) (if you want it a little sweeter add a Date)

*find it here

If you want you can leave the spinach out, this way it tastes even more like egg nog. How to:

Blend everything together, done.